Speculative Information Retrieval Models, 2018

The search engine is the communal front door to the internet. As such it is now one of our most used, and most useful, everyday modern technologies. However, current internet search engines have been subject to extremely little innovation or adaptation since their first inception. To 'Google' something is now a commonly used verb directly replacing to 'search' for something, and the global web search industry has been reduced to a single monopoly primarily ruled by Google Inc. else seeks to break this apparent stasis - and its numerously associated negative implications - through design subversion, critique, speculation, adaptation and reimagination.

modes of thinking
Speculative Information Retrieval Models, 2018

Rather than transpose the existing market led paradigms of thought onto open conceptual spaces modes of thinking instead emancipates newly empowered citizens from pre-packaged, pre-cooked versions of reality offered by politics, media and corporations all brandishing firmly fixed ideologies. Consciously enacting modes of thinking upon internet Information Retrieval might empower renewed social progress through creating multiple new possibilities and proposing alternative values that greatly expand upon the increasingly monolithic worldview currently rendered through technology.

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